Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

Most profitable affiliate programsLooking for most profitable affiliate programs? As you might already notice, affiliate program revenue is one of the most valuable income sources for websites and blogs which are used for passive income generation. But as there are plenty of choices, how can you choose the right ones which will bring you the most revenue?

Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

We will list 7 most profitable affiliate programs


Clickbank is a top-rated affiliate network that deals mainly with digital products like eBooks. This site has been around for over seventeen years and prides on being among the pioneer affiliate websites on the internet. Clickbank has a database of millions of different products and a global customer number of about 200 million.

The site is user-friendly and guarantees timely payments. The downside to Clickbank is that the quality of many products on the site is not guaranteed. However, Clickbank offers very high commission; you can earn from 10% up to 75% commission on sales. If you create digital products, you can also sell them on Clickbank. Clickbank offers free registration with no hidden charges.


Rakuten (formerly known as LinkShare) is among the oldest affiliate programs with ever-growing popularity. The site ranks among the first three online companies and boasts a record of six consecutive years at the top. The site contains more than 90,000 products with over 38000 vendors and greater than 18m customers. Rakuten features analytic tools that work for both the merchants and the affiliates.  The site also has a dynamic ad/banner rotation feature. The registration procedure is quite easy.

Compared to other affiliate networks Rakuten does not offer as much numerous products to promote. Rakuten is not ideal for beginners.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest-commerce in the U.S and boasts the same status across the globe. As Amazon runs Amazon Associates, the largest (by size and popularity) affiliate program globally.  The site has over a million registered affiliates. Amazon has millions of products you can promote on your website. As a publisher, you can earn a commission by selling any product on Amazon. Amazon is excellent for beginning affiliates and offers a commission of up to 10%.

CJ Affiliate

CJ (Commission Junction) Affiliate is one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks with millions of clients across the globe. CJ affiliate has very many merchants with varied products for the publisher to promote. The website also has some of the most popular and well-established business brands. The great thing about CJ affiliate is the site has numerous affiliate programs in one place.


Avangate is an excellent affiliate program for publishers in the niche of technology – software and computers. The site offers high commissions and timely payments to advertisers. Avangate is reputable because the site only allows quality and original products. You will not find cheap and ingenuine products here. Avagante has over 2200 digital programs from some of the leading tech brands such as Hp, Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab, FICO, spyrix, Talestream, Brocade,etc. The website offers high percentage that can go up to 75% of conversions.


eBay is a popular online retailer that offers affiliate programs through eBay partner network. eBay has existed for over 20 years. Other than earning from affiliate programs eBay allows you to sell new products or stuff that you no longer use. You can also purchase goods from merchants and sell them at a higher price on eBay. eBay partner network also allows affiliates to earn by convincing people to sign up with eBay. eBay has advanced tracking and reporting features on the affiliate program. eBay provides millions of products from which you can choose those that suit your niche.


ShareASale offers numerous affiliate programs that are exclusive to ShareASale. It is very easy to use ShareASale as a beginner affiliate or merchant. The site provides various great features including earnings per click, average commission, average sale amount and reversal rates. ShareASale has a real-time tracking system that ensures timely payments at every 20th day of the month. The site also offers referral programs to affiliates.


Still struggling in you search for most profitable affiliate programs search? We recommend you to try several programs so you can evaluate the profit each of them generates.

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