Top 10 virtual assistant websites

Today I was searching for virtual assistant website as I’m no longer able to do all the stuff myself. So here are my findings.

Top 10 virtual assistant websites

Whether you are a business owner, top executive, celebrity or just feeling lazy, a virtual assistant can help make your life easier. Virtual assistants streamline your busy schedule, complete tasks from the monotonous to the eccentric, and do so from anywhere in the world.

What is a virtual assistant?

What is a virtual assistant and how does it compare to a normal assistant?

A good virtual assistant has a reliable internet connection and does all her tasks for an employer from behind a computer screen. While the method in which an assistant interacts with an employer has changed, many aspects of the job have not. An employer benefits by building trust with their assistant and the longer an assistant works with an employer, the better that individual will understand their employers’ needs. In this regard, the relationship between employer and assistant hasn’t changed.

However, there are also those employers who look to hire multiple short-term virtual assistants for small tasks. Having multiple assistants for a brief period of time, in the past, was impossible. This new method of hiring and rehiring is becoming the new normal and has changed the landscape for assistant employment.

Where to find virtual assistant

There are many virtual assistant websites that facilitate the hiring process of virtual assistants and help link virtual assistants with their prospective employers. Each of these sites has their own niche within the virtual assistant world. Some sites are geared more toward language barriers and offer bilingual assistants, others focus on the needs of the ultra rich, and some sites use connections that help virtual assistants to complete in depth or even bizarre tasks.

Top 10

Here is a list of some of the top 10 virtual assistant websites:

  • Virtual Assist USA
    30-40$ per hour
  • Fancy Hands
    4-6$ per request, 20-36$ per hour
  • Time etc.
    21-25$ per hour
  • Upwork
    There you can hire individual virtual assistant based in various countries starting from 3$ per hour. But it is cheaper for a reason – you need to test each candidate, it is harder transition period if your assistant goes out of business, etc.
  • Uassist.ME
    10-15$ per hour. Based in El Salvador, bilingual (English/Spanish) assistants provided
  • Red Butler
    25-30$ per hour
  • TaskRabbit
    Technically not a virtual assistant website, but handyman for hire service
  • Care2 Share
  • Assist Match
    22-40+$ per hour + matching fee
  • Virtual Office VA

Most of these virtual assistant companies are based in US. As there are cheaper alternatives in Asia, those will be discussed in a separate post.

Hiring simplified

Not every employer needs an assistant for a full 8 hour day. Sometimes an employer may only need an assistant for an hour a day, or possibly need an assistant outside of normal working hours. For these reasons, a virtual assistant is a good option. Virtual Assistant’s tend to make their money from multiple employers, working a few hours a week for each of them, so don’t worry that your virtual assistant is going to go broke and disappear if you only need them for a short amount of time. Rest assured, this is now considered the normal for automating tasks and is also a great cost efficient method of hiring someone.

If you are thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, make sure to have a clear idea of the types of skill sets you want and even leave room for a little more. You can easily test out a virtual assistant for a short period of time to make sure they are the right fit for you. Hiring in this way has never been more painless or less time consuming. Give it a shot and at some point you may wonder how you ever lived without one.

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